Help us be the voice for our children.

Simply put, Common Core is failing. It's failing our teachers, who are shackled to a rigid curriculum and high-stakes testing, and it's failing our children, who are rapidly losing interest in school because of the difficulty of New York's new standards and curriculum.

On March 5, our state Legislature had an opportunity to change that and ensure our children receive the world-class education they need. The Assembly Republican Conference presented a plan to do just that, the APPLE Plan - Achieving Pupil Preparedness and Launching Excellence. This comprehensive measure would have put the brakes on Common Core and let our schools thrive. Instead, Assembly Democrats chose to play politics, passing a hollow measure and calling it "reform."

The video below tells the story of our fight to put children before politics. Watch it, and take a look at the content on this site. With your help, we can fix our education system and once again ensure New York is the Empire State for all our children.

To find out whether your representative voted for the APPLE Plan and to put children before politics, click here for the official vote total.

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Children Before Politics