Tell Gov. Cuomo and Assembly Majority, "Enough is Enough!"

Governor Cuomo and Assembly Democrats have gone too far. After shackling our children and teachers with the Common Core and its crippling high-stakes testing, the governor has ignored the outcry from across the state and pushed through the "Education Transformation Act of 2015."

This anti-child, anti-teacher, anti-education agenda takes control of our education system away from teachers and school districts and gives it to career bureaucrats in the Department of Education. It ignores the mountain of evidence that these high-stakes standardized tests aren't working and makes them a centerpiece of teacher evaluations. And it punishes schools that refuse to take part in the governor's blame game by withholding state aid for schools that don't enact these evaluations.

It's time to send a message to Governor Cuomo and Assembly Democrats that we will not let this happen. On this site is a petition calling on the governor to repeal his so-called reforms and instead institute meaningful measures supported by parents and teachers alike.


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